Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Tree by Debbie

   This is one of those cards that evolved starting with a tree die-cut, on texture paper, shaded with a brown Copic marker. The card stock layers were embossed separately in a large Spellbinders embossing folder from Stamp Delights (as well as the other supplies.) Grass layers were cut with scissors. Three different punches were used for birds, leaves and heart stamped with my calligraphy "Love" stamp onto Shrink
Art plastic, shrunk in a toaster oven, then glued on. 

   The basic tree would be fun to finish in many different ways.  Glue on tiny torn pieces of paper,
Malbury paper works great for this.  Paint with glue then sprinkle on a "rainstorm" of flocking, dryer lint,
or glitter.  You could glue on pieces of Lichen, or punched out leaves from paper.  How about an all heart tree both stamped then punched out hearts attached, and a finishing touch of glitter glue. A bare branch tree with a bit of white on the branches and glitter glue for a chilly look.  So many possibilities so little time. Someday I want to take one thing and create in over a dozen different ways to  s t r e t c h  my imagination.

   As always, thanks so much for looking! Smiles, Debbie

"Sometimes it takes a friend to lead you out of the forest." 
Chris Evert Lloyd

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  1. Debbie...this is so great and thanks for sharing so many good ideas!! YOU are amazing!!!