Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple Christmas Card Made from???? ☻
 5 embossing folders, 2 card stocks, Blue silk ribbon and
one small end of a paper clip for the top of the ball   . . .   a n d . . .
 Skippy peanut butter freshness seal ☺☺☺ giggle.
I had it in my hand ready to throw away and I said "today is the day I make it into something"
I have been wanted to do this for a long time, just allow this piece to take me to some someplace.

After embossing the front of the card, free from cut around the design to make it a little more special.
Finish with a few clear stick-on Domes & Sparkles found at Stamp Delights 619 465-6873.
Thanks for looking!  Snowflake Smiles, Debbie

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