Thursday, December 20, 2012

And The Winner IS......
    Bobbie Tobias
Congratulations Bobbie!
Bobbie won the tree tin stuffed with over $90.00 in surprises from Stamp Delights on Dec 20, 2012.
She was the closest guess at 333, the exact number of items in the tin was 334.
Bobbie is also a champion Bridge player, who loves her family, Hawaii and creating fun things at Stamp Delights!  Yesterday she made a beautiful angel pin in class at Stamp Delights.  Bobbie loves to give and share her talents with family, friends and her daughters class.
Congratulations Bobbie & Merry Christmas!
Smiles, Debbie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick Christmas Cards

  Are you in need of a few special Christmas Cards?  Stamp Delights has a nice assortment of
quality stickers to choose from.  Just layer the sticker on beautiful papers, finish with a bow or dab of glitter glue, edge with fancy scissors, and you are finished.  I love to emboss the paper layers with a variety of
Embossing Folders found at Stamp Delights.  these are super easy to use and give an extra classy dimension
to your creations.  If you have never used one and would like to try it, stop in and we will teach you.
thanks for looking!  Hope you are enjoying a very Merry Christmas Season!  Snowflake Smiles, Debbie
Angel Pin Class today 1:30 pm at Stamp Delights

Come join the creative fun.  These make Great gifts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eunice won the Grant Beals Fun Putt of the day at Stamp Delights.
  Not only can she handle your money, create beautiful cards and LOTS of them, but she wowed us all with her golf skills.  She choose from as assortment of Grant Beals putters, put her golf ball down and with quick determination and skill, she hit the pin with a very long putt to win on her first try.  So if you need a ringer in your golf tourney, Eunice is the one.    Congratulations Eunice! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple Christmas Card Made from???? ☻
 5 embossing folders, 2 card stocks, Blue silk ribbon and
one small end of a paper clip for the top of the ball   . . .   a n d . . .
 Skippy peanut butter freshness seal ☺☺☺ giggle.
I had it in my hand ready to throw away and I said "today is the day I make it into something"
I have been wanted to do this for a long time, just allow this piece to take me to some someplace.

After embossing the front of the card, free from cut around the design to make it a little more special.
Finish with a few clear stick-on Domes & Sparkles found at Stamp Delights 619 465-6873.
Thanks for looking!  Snowflake Smiles, Debbie