Thursday, December 20, 2012

And The Winner IS......
    Bobbie Tobias
Congratulations Bobbie!
Bobbie won the tree tin stuffed with over $90.00 in surprises from Stamp Delights on Dec 20, 2012.
She was the closest guess at 333, the exact number of items in the tin was 334.
Bobbie is also a champion Bridge player, who loves her family, Hawaii and creating fun things at Stamp Delights!  Yesterday she made a beautiful angel pin in class at Stamp Delights.  Bobbie loves to give and share her talents with family, friends and her daughters class.
Congratulations Bobbie & Merry Christmas!
Smiles, Debbie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick Christmas Cards

  Are you in need of a few special Christmas Cards?  Stamp Delights has a nice assortment of
quality stickers to choose from.  Just layer the sticker on beautiful papers, finish with a bow or dab of glitter glue, edge with fancy scissors, and you are finished.  I love to emboss the paper layers with a variety of
Embossing Folders found at Stamp Delights.  these are super easy to use and give an extra classy dimension
to your creations.  If you have never used one and would like to try it, stop in and we will teach you.
thanks for looking!  Hope you are enjoying a very Merry Christmas Season!  Snowflake Smiles, Debbie
Angel Pin Class today 1:30 pm at Stamp Delights

Come join the creative fun.  These make Great gifts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eunice won the Grant Beals Fun Putt of the day at Stamp Delights.
  Not only can she handle your money, create beautiful cards and LOTS of them, but she wowed us all with her golf skills.  She choose from as assortment of Grant Beals putters, put her golf ball down and with quick determination and skill, she hit the pin with a very long putt to win on her first try.  So if you need a ringer in your golf tourney, Eunice is the one.    Congratulations Eunice! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple Christmas Card Made from???? ☻
 5 embossing folders, 2 card stocks, Blue silk ribbon and
one small end of a paper clip for the top of the ball   . . .   a n d . . .
 Skippy peanut butter freshness seal ☺☺☺ giggle.
I had it in my hand ready to throw away and I said "today is the day I make it into something"
I have been wanted to do this for a long time, just allow this piece to take me to some someplace.

After embossing the front of the card, free from cut around the design to make it a little more special.
Finish with a few clear stick-on Domes & Sparkles found at Stamp Delights 619 465-6873.
Thanks for looking!  Snowflake Smiles, Debbie

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stamp Delights has a large variety of Die-cuts, Stamps, Papers, Ribbon & Embellishments !

Stamp Delights is open special hours this weekend to give your  holiday needs a boost. Sat night Dec 1 4-9:pm & Sunday Dec 2 Noon-5:pm.  Get a personalized Gift Certificate, Card kits and participate in the Shop Hop Christmas Tags.  It is all going to be a lot of fun!  Thanks for looking!   Christmas Smiles, Debbie

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Tree Die-Cut Card
   We had the most fun at Stamp Delights making this card in Jenny's Class plus more!
Jenny had us stamp directly on to the Sticky tape.  The sticky tape was attached to the card stock below, then glittered after we stamped on it.  (The stamp wants to stick a little bit with this different technique, but I enjoyed it so much I have made two cards like this so far. )

   We edged the card edges with a bit of brown (out of the box for me, smile) and finished the tree with stick on beads. I placed two layers of double stick foam tape under the tree layers.  Jenny already had the pieces die cut for us on two different papers. 

   This die cut could make a beautiful variety of trees from white glitter paper, gold, silver, different greens, even purple, and red.  I want to use this this die-cut (currently in stock at Stamp Delights 619 465-6873) to see how many different beautiful trees and different looks can be made.

   Stamp Delights has the most fun and creative classes.  We always have a wonderful time, and we are delighted when you can join us.  Thanks for looking!  Smiles, Debbie

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stamp Delights Special Event "Holiday Tags" Dec 1 - Dec 5

We will be open special weekend hours for lots of fun,
so stay tuned for more information !

Origami Boxes

Stamp Delights has a large variety of beautiful papers perfect for creating all kinds of unique gift boxes.
These are fun to fill with stamps, candy, cookies, buttons, charms, jewels and diamonds ☺  We are bursting with ideas for you.  I have made these boxes into a super tall unit and double wide, small, large, singles, doubles and actually have gone a little crazy, so whats new?  If you like I can include more photo samples at a future date. Thanks for looking!  Thanksgiving Smiles, Debbie

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Message Gift Box Create & Laugh
By Debbie Stamp Delights

Wrap any size box with Washai paper and white glue.  Stamp Delights has Washai paper in
many designs and colors, it is very forgiving and easy to work with, perfect for projects like this.

Tie a knot in the ribbon leaving a loop for the handle.  
Poke a hole in the top of the box and slide the ribbon through, then slide a bead over that to hold it in place.  You may want to place a tiny drop of glue under the bead to secure it. 

Slide beads onto the ribbon under the lid, leaving room for your stamped letters in between each bead.  Play with the spacing then glue  or "Pop-Dot" the letters onto the ribbon.

Finish with a message in the bottom of the box.  These could be made for any occasion, Christmas, Birthday and in any color.  Give them just as they are or include a gift inside.  The box sits pretty on the edge of a shelf with the lid on but the ribbon hanging out, down from the side.  This could really could put a boost in someones day.

Finish the edge of the cut ribbon with clear fingernail polish to keep it from fraying.  Give the letters a little color with pens, Prisma Pencils (Are wax based and won't  fade,) and don't forget the glitter glue!  Smile

Friday, November 16, 2012

Real Leaf Print Bag by Debbie
Choose a leaf, ink it up on both sides using Pigment ink and a soft roller/brayer.  Put the clean leaf between
two bags or pieces of paper. Lay a thin piece of paper on top, (photo copy quality.) You now have your sandwich ready.  Just hold in place careful not to move or slide the pieces.  Brayer with a rubber brayer,
back and forth using good pressure to transfer the leaf image to each bag.  Turn the bags over, and repeat,
for two finished bags with prints on both sides

You may want to practice with a small leaf on paper or card stock first.  If you don't have a soft roller you can sponge color with a make-up sponge onto the leaf.  Often you can roll the leaf without re inking another time, for more prints. Different papers create beautiful effects.  It is fun to spritz the paper first for different
looks, get creative try a few ideas.

For a different effect try painting the leaf with just water and a brush allowing the ink from your print to
create a nice wash of color.  You could stamp a Thank You message on top, or write a name.  It's fun to
see how the prints turn out.  With heavy pressure some of the leaf's own color can be transferred to the paper.  Experiment with different Pigment colors and leaves and have fun!

Trim the top with fancy scissors, sponge the edge with color, punch two holes with a standard hole punch, thread some ribbon though the holes and even a matching gift card.  Thanks for looking!  Smiles, Debbie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are you in need of a quick card?  Stamp Delights
has these kits ready for you only $5.00

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back In Time by Debbie
Stamp Delights Has these $5.00 Card kits for you.
If you need a card and quick come on by and pick up some
kits.  This one would be good for Thanksgiving as well as other occasions.
Thanks for looking! Smiles, Debbie

Friday, November 9, 2012

Music Card by Debbie
This was a popular card from our Monday Mini Delights at Stamp Delights. And the die cuts are back in stock again.  Emboss the white card stock with a musical note embossing folder. Glue on the die cut  music pieces. Finish with a little sparkle.  Simple and quick.  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My to-do list

I collect quotes and wanted to share this one, with THANKS from my friend Marie!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heart Zentangle by Debbie

Zentangle is a fun Doodle Art.  Start with a pencil or black Sharpie type of pen and let your self go.
Create basic shapes then start filling in spaces with any pattern your heart desires. I used Prisma Pencils
to blend all the colors together, finishing with a bit of glitter glue.  You can stop by Stamp Delights to learn the easy Frame Fold.  This can be very freeing and something one can do while watching TV or waiting
for an an appointment..  Make copies before you color, then you can create a variety of color schemes.
Thanks for looking!  Make this day a great one! Deb

Sunday, November 4, 2012

MORE MYSTERY BAGS are in at Stamp Delights!

I am most pleased at you comments, so YES I made more, only $5.00, worth $40.00.
What a steal of a deal!  As you know I just like to have a little fun and mix things up!
Life is so short, we have to live every day, and a surprise Mystery Bag can put a smile
on your face.  Each one is different and fun for me to make.

You could win this Pretty Purple Winter Tin at Stamp Delights

For every class you take and every $25.00 you spend, gives you a guess!
Guess how many items are in the tin to win.  Last time Jeanette won
with her class guess, congratulations Jeanette.  I know you can not see through it
time (unless you are Superman)  but I loved the design so had to use it.  Many
 good guesses are in so far, but no one is spot on, so good luck to you all!

Stamp Delights Bracelet Class Wed Nov 7, 1:30-4:pm 619 465-6873

Here are a few I have enjoyed making.  You can design one for any celebration, they are
most comfortable to wear and perfect for gifts.  We carry all the supplies you need to create your masterpieces.  Sharon is our delightful teacher and she will take you through each step to make it
easy. You can also create matching necklaces, rings & pins to wear. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Tree by Debbie

   This is one of those cards that evolved starting with a tree die-cut, on texture paper, shaded with a brown Copic marker. The card stock layers were embossed separately in a large Spellbinders embossing folder from Stamp Delights (as well as the other supplies.) Grass layers were cut with scissors. Three different punches were used for birds, leaves and heart stamped with my calligraphy "Love" stamp onto Shrink
Art plastic, shrunk in a toaster oven, then glued on. 

   The basic tree would be fun to finish in many different ways.  Glue on tiny torn pieces of paper,
Malbury paper works great for this.  Paint with glue then sprinkle on a "rainstorm" of flocking, dryer lint,
or glitter.  You could glue on pieces of Lichen, or punched out leaves from paper.  How about an all heart tree both stamped then punched out hearts attached, and a finishing touch of glitter glue. A bare branch tree with a bit of white on the branches and glitter glue for a chilly look.  So many possibilities so little time. Someday I want to take one thing and create in over a dozen different ways to  s t r e t c h  my imagination.

   As always, thanks so much for looking! Smiles, Debbie

"Sometimes it takes a friend to lead you out of the forest." 
Chris Evert Lloyd

Friday, November 2, 2012

Monday Mini Delight Nov 12, Noon-5:pm Stamp Delights only $5.00 Christmas Star, by Debbie
Come enjoy a mini vacation and create this in about 10 mins. All parts are cut, scored, folded
and ready for your creative hands.  The fun part is putting on the "Wobble"