Friday, November 16, 2012

Real Leaf Print Bag by Debbie
Choose a leaf, ink it up on both sides using Pigment ink and a soft roller/brayer.  Put the clean leaf between
two bags or pieces of paper. Lay a thin piece of paper on top, (photo copy quality.) You now have your sandwich ready.  Just hold in place careful not to move or slide the pieces.  Brayer with a rubber brayer,
back and forth using good pressure to transfer the leaf image to each bag.  Turn the bags over, and repeat,
for two finished bags with prints on both sides

You may want to practice with a small leaf on paper or card stock first.  If you don't have a soft roller you can sponge color with a make-up sponge onto the leaf.  Often you can roll the leaf without re inking another time, for more prints. Different papers create beautiful effects.  It is fun to spritz the paper first for different
looks, get creative try a few ideas.

For a different effect try painting the leaf with just water and a brush allowing the ink from your print to
create a nice wash of color.  You could stamp a Thank You message on top, or write a name.  It's fun to
see how the prints turn out.  With heavy pressure some of the leaf's own color can be transferred to the paper.  Experiment with different Pigment colors and leaves and have fun!

Trim the top with fancy scissors, sponge the edge with color, punch two holes with a standard hole punch, thread some ribbon though the holes and even a matching gift card.  Thanks for looking!  Smiles, Debbie

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